New domain, new certificate, new server

Recently, I have purchased the domain as the IO top-level domain was one of the very few which still had “heinrichs” (my surname) available as a second-level domain. It is meant as the successor of Simultaneously, I purchased a vserver to host my blog. Finally, I went for a free DV certificate offered by StartSSL in order to set up proper encryption for my blog. However, a few days later I received a Let’s Encrypt Private Beta invitation. Yesterday, I found the time to set up the Let’s Encrypt certificate and as well as the associated renewal process. So far, everything looks good to me – if you encounter any problems, please let me know. Furthermore, I took the chance to update several pages of my blog. For example, the imprint now comes with a real address of mine instead of an accomodation address. Feel free to direct all correspondence (fan mail, hate mail, love letters, goon squads, gifts, cookies, hardware or job offers) to:

Hanno Heinrichs
Süsterfeldstraße 26
52072 Aachen

P.S.: No, this blog is not dead. “The best is yet to come”…

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